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Strange Serendipities (cont.)   incident.  I knew I might want to interview him some day, but by the summer of 2009 when I was ready to explore the idea of a book about Blackwell Station, Ted Applegate was gone. His home and business had sold.  No telephone number was listed.  I was disappointed not to be able to find him, but that July, I was giving book talks and signing books in southeastern Colorado and decided to see what I could uncover on my own. On a blazing hot day, I drove to the Big Timbers Museum in Lamar. The sign on the door read "Open 12:00 noon."  It was over 100 degrees.   I was hot, thirsty and hungry. Ok, I thought, I'll wait until high noon, but if no one shows up, that's it.  I'll forget about this story. At exactly 12:00 o'clock, a car pulled up and summer volunteer, Debbie Herrera opened the museum.  Debbie knew exactly what I was after.  She brought stacks of bound archived newspapers up from the basement and copied page after page. I was startled to see a photograph of Ted Applegate in one of the newspapers.  How could that be?  Ted couldn't be that old! Then I discovered a Ted Applegate I, Ted Applegate II, and Ted Applegate III.  Our friend was the Third.  Now I regretted even more not having interviewed Ted when I had the chance, but it was too late.  He was gone, but perhaps with the archival materials and the two books I bought at Big Timbers Museum, I would find enough information without his input.
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