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I love giving book talks in libraries and schools, college and university classes, community and senior citizens' centers, conferences, conventions, and anywhere else where folks like to laugh and learn. Audiences seem to love having me come to them! My book talks on the Santa Fe Trail Trilogy, SOARING EAGLE, WHITE GRIZZLY, and MEADOW LARK include readings, music, and surprises. I "show and tell" where ideas come from by using videos, music, games, clothing, and artifacts from the Santa Fe Trail and Bent's Old Fort. These presentations are suitable for grades four through adult, and are especially helpful as supplemental reading to the study of Western History and U.S. Westward Expansion. Are you a messy writer? I am! In my presentation, "The Making Of A Book", using anecdotes, slides and video clips, I show examples of my writing process from first inspirations to clusters, webs, first drafts, through edited drafts to final galleys and published books. This presentation is adaptable for all ages. My book talk on LITTLE FOX'S SECRET--THE MYSTERY OF BENT'S FORT involves listeners in music and story and a mysterious journey into the dusty past of Bent's Old Fort. This presentation is designed for third and fourth grades. My cover-to-cover reading of TIGER TALES--A STORY OF SURVIVAL includes a story-creating activity with students. For second and third grades. I also offer "Teachers-As-Writers" workshops. For information on fees and to schedule an author visit please contact me at: email: Telephone: 720-304-2846 or 719-238-4190
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