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I won't let you! She took in a deep breath. "Por favor. Mamá! Please. Please don't start fighting with Papá again!" But Mamá held her head high, defiant. Her eyes flashed a warning. "He's leaving." "Leaving? Papá!" Teresita saw from her father's bowed head that it was true. "But why?" "I must honor my promise to Señor William Bent." "You promised me, too," Mamá snapped, "a long time ago. We have enough money now. Those coins can never take the place of a husband! Or a father for my children." Papá's arms raised, then dropped to his side like dead weights. "You wanted me to go to help build Bent's Fort! You wanted...." "And now I want you here! You've been gone too long." Abruptly the sharp edge of Mamá's voice cut to a near whisper. "If you leave again now, Enrique, I'm afraid you will never return." "I'll be back...." "Pick up those coins," Mamá ordered, stabbing her finger toward the dirt. Her younger sisters scurried, but Teresita did not. “Papá, please, don’t be angry with Mamá for not wanting you to leave again so soon. Mamá—”
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