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"What will Gray Owl say? Do you think we will leave for Bent's Fort tomorrow?" A spot in the side of Little Fox's neck beat faster. His mother's eyebrows lifted again, and she smiled. "I'll take my two buffalo robes!" Little Fox said. "I'll trade them for a knife of silver." "I'll trade by best woven basket for an iron pot. An iron pot won't split like a gourd or dry and burn like the stomach of the buffalo. I will visit Old Grandmother, and see Yellow Woman's and William Bent's new baby." Little Fox could tell his mother was as excited about returning to Bent's Fort as he was.      "It's time to move," Morning Flower said. "We have been in this place since before the last full moon." "We are a people who move," Little Fox said. "I like to follow the seasons and the buffalo. I like for all the prairie to be my home. I don't have to stay in one place like Robert does when he's with his father at Bent's Fort." But now Little Fox could hardly wait to get back to the two-story adobe trading post again.