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Teachers’ Feedback (cont.) Teachers’ Feedback (cont.) Teachers’ Feedback (cont.)
(cont. from previous page) John Evans School, Greeley, CO. "Students hung on every word and were amazed at the several artifacts she showed, each relating to the text. Each group of students brought their own ideas and questions to the presentation. Ms. Finley valued each individual and always answered his/her questions, which guided the direction of the presentation. Her flexibility allowed students to explore her life experiences, books, and the writing process. Ms. Finley emphasized the importance of following one's intuition and passion as she did at a young age and continues to do throughout her life. She encouraged students to always keep an open mind and to explore the world and life with enthusiasm." --Louise Price, Teacher Remington Elementary, Denver, CO. "Thank you so much for the wonderful visit at Remington. You held the students spellbound (not an east task at this school.) The kids were so excited about your visit and many have told me how much they enjoyed talking with you. Your talk really helped bring the story to life for the students and there has been an increase in the circulation of all your titles...So you know, students at Remington don't have as many extra special experiences as many other students, so your visit was a very special highlight for them." --Cher, Information Media Specialist Teachers-As-Writers, Running Creek Elementary, Elizabeth, CO. "Mary, we all enjoyed your presentation so much! You gave us some new ideas and it made writing fun for us.Thanks for giving us the inspiration we needed to keep writing!" --Kay, First Grade Teacher and writer.
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