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The redheaded man set the pipes down. "I’ll see what he wants. Come on in," he called to Julio. Julio stepped from the passageway into a large courtyard. Sunshine beat down and reflected from the light colored dirt. Squinting as his eyes adjusted to the brightness, Julio focused on rows of doors. So many doors! Doors all around the ground floor, doors off the second floor catwalk, and wide passageways that led farther back off the courtyard. Bent’s Fort was as big as all of Taos! From the wonderful aroma of roasting meat and boiling coffee, Julio knew someone was cooking behind one door back there, and his stomach rumbled. Through another doorway, he saw the glow of coals and heard the hiss of bellows and the clanging of a hammer against metal and, from another, the sound of a saw cutting wood. The man with bright red hair and a nose covered with rusty red freckles and flaking white skin stepped from inside the trade room. "Hello," Julio said. The redhead frowned, looking him over from the tips of his moccasins to the top of his head. "Well, where did you come from?" "From Taos. I need to talk with Mr. Bent." Red chuckled lightly and shook his head. "Mr. Bent is a busy man. A very busy man, especially today."
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