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White Grizzly: Chapter One (cont.) White Grizzly: Chapter One (cont.) White Grizzly: Chapter One (cont.) Buy now Buy now
"Hey! Watch where you’re going!" Silhouetted black against the glaring light, a burly man balancing a huge square bundle on his shoulder barreled into the dark passageway, nearly knocking Julio down. "You can’t go inside! Injuns trade here." The profile of the man’s bearded chin pointed toward the entryway wall. "At that window." The man swaggered on. "What do you have?" A dim face appeared at the small opening in the thick adobe wall. Julio backed away. "Nothing." "Then git on back outside." "I don’t have anything to trade." Julio stepped up to the window. " I came to see Mr. Bent." "Tarnation!" the voice exclaimed. "Hey, Red!" the man called over his shoulder. "This feller speaks English better than you do!" "What does he want?" "Says he wants to see William." Julio peered through the window into a room filled with trade goods, spotted the second man who was unloading a wooden box of clay pipes onto a shelf, and raised his voice so he would hear. "I have to talk with Mr. Bent."
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