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Strange Serendipities (cont.)   what may have motivated the actions of his great-grandparents, Emily and John McDowell, and how, within the year, the McDowells were living in a grand new stone house on First Street, one of the first homes in Lamar, a house where as a boy, Ted actually lived with his Grandmother Raephy. Ted Applegate planned to join me for the first formal book signing of THE MIDNIGHT RIDE OF BLACKWELL STATION at Through the Looking Glass Bookstore in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, in June, 2010, but the pickup pulling his RV broke down and he didn't make it.  Instead I experienced another delightful surprise.  Kelly Applegate, Ted's daughter, came in his place.  I handed Kelly my book about her great- grandmother.  As we stood under an old oval photograph of Raephy as a grown woman, Kelly laughed at the similarity between the likeness on the cover and a red-headed Applegate cousin.  I wonder if somewhere, Raephy was laughing, too.
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Santa Claus? No! This is Raephy’s grandson, the REAL Ted Applegate III,  in front of the McDowell's big stone house on First Street, Lamar Colorado.   2010 Photo.