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"The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station", by Colorado children's author, Mary Peace Finley, is historically based, yet delightfully entertaining. Raephy McDowell is a curious child, with a knack for hearing and seeing things that she's not supposed to. "There is something going on at Blackwell Station, where her mother works and her family lives, but what Raephy sees and overhears makes no sense to her, and she can't ask or her mother and father will know that she's been spying. Her mother is determined to have a town built, surrounding Blackwell Station, but Mr. Black, the landowner, is just as determined that it won't happen. Secret visits from important men in the Santa Fe Railroad company, only give hints of what is afoot, and Raephy might never guess the truth about why her mother and father are being so secretive. "Even when she is caught spying, mother and father won't tell how they plan to outsmart Mr. Black, because they are afraid Raephy will give the secret away. But, Raephy proves that she knows how to keep a secret. The answer to this intriguing mystery will surprise Raephy and readers, alike. "The story is based on the historical facts of the founding of Lamar, Colorado, with characters based on real people. Geared towards slightly younger readers, (aimed at ages 8 and up), than those of Finley's Santa FeTrail Trilogy, this wonderfully crafted tale will capture hearts, young and old." -- Kaye Lynne Booth, Southern Colorado Literature Examiner.
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