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"Steal a railroad station!  What a great idea, even better because it's true.  Finley makes this story of the founding of the city of Lamar in southeastern Colorado come alive through the eyes of a nosy, feisty main character named Raephy.  I giggled, laughed out loud, then marveled at the adventure.  Great word pictures, sensory images and accurate retelling of history puts the reader right in the middle of the action.  I'll learn my history from Finley any day."  --Barbara Steiner, Author of Cry of the Loon from American Girl books. "The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station broadens the view of how the West was won - not by wagon tracks alone, but sometimes by slight-of-hand and a little larceny. Although a work of fiction, Mary Peace Finley stays true to the actual people and events of the stealing of the Blackwell Station. This is a work of insight into one of the more unique historic incidents which occurred in the development of the American West, and the main character, Raephy, is a likeable guide to the mysterious doings of grown-ups. I wish I had access to this book when I was learning history in school. It certainly would have livened up all those dusty dates!" --Ava Betz, historian and author of A PROWERS COUNTY HISTORY. "Endearing and deftly written, this new historical novel by Mary Peace Finley adds to her growing body of work about eastern Colorado in its early days.  The characters of the young girl, Raephy, and her family sparkle like dew drops on the prairie grasses. A smooth and fun read (and ride!)" --Nancy Oswald, author of NOTHING HERE BUT STONES, and HARD FACE MOON, middle grade novels of early Colorado history.
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