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The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station is a humorous tale of mystery, suspense, and enterprise set in 1886 as railroads were changing the face of the West. The story is based on actual events in the founding of the town of Lamar, Colorado. For a fun and educational trip, join author Mary Peace Finley on The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station. Raephy McDowell is an eager and inquisitive nine- year-old in 1886 who lives on upper floor of the Blackwell railroad station where her mother is the telegrapher and her father a ranch foreman for Amos Black. Raephy becomes curious when she hears talk of a new town in the middle of nowhere. Nine-year-old Raephy McDowell is NOT a snoop. At least, she doesn't think so. She's mighty curious, though. Who wouldn't be with talk of a brand new town where there's nothing for miles except for the Santa Fe Railroad Station? Mary Peace Finley weaves a light-hearted tale of curiousity, ingenuity, and adventure as a train station along with its inhabitants is moved in the middle of the night to become the center of a new town. Product Information: Ages 8 and up; Paperback; 92 pages, illustrated Publication date: 2010; ISBN 978-0-86541-106-7 Unabridged audio book, read by Nancy Gresham, available on CD for $10.95. ISBN: 978-0-86541-111-1 Available from Filter Press Books
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An "Almost" True Story  THE MIDNIGHT RIDE OF BLACKWELL STATION closely follows the true story of the "booming" of Lamar, Colorado.  At midnight on May 22, 1886, Santa Fe Railroad Engine #345 pulled into Blackwell Station with... [click to read more] Strange Serendipities: A Converging Timeline of the Story Behind the Story Twelve years ago I joined a tour of Southeastern Colorado offered by Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  The trip, narrated by Professor of History Doug Monroy sparkled with details of bank robberies, cowboy... [click to read more]
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