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     "James the First is not  an English King!" John Fisher's face grew red. "James the First is the first King of Scotland to be King of England, too!"      "That is not what Uncle William says. Uncle William says James is English through and through. Uncle William says the King is just a salmon, swimming upriver to where he was spawned."      "Och! Duncan! Duncan, lad, ye listen to my baby brother too much. William talks too much with these reformers! He is too young to remember." Rubbing his rough hands together, Duncan's father sighed. Then he smiled the way he always did when he looked into the past. "Aye! Those days when the royal court was at Sirling Castle, Stirling was a true royal burgh. It bustled with court visitors and trade. Aye, those were fine, wonderful days."      "Fine, wonderful days, indeed!" Duncan's mother Ishbel, rushed from the house and thrust a package into Duncan's hands. Her hair was uncovered and still uncombed, and her eyes were tired looking and red. "Finished, and just in time. Duncan, run and deliver this gown for the wee bairn of the Earl of Mar. Hurry, before the King's procession arrives."
Chapter One (cont.) Chapter One (cont.) Chapter One (cont.)
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