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Teachers’ Feedback (cont.) Teachers’ Feedback (cont.) Teachers’ Feedback (cont.)
(cont. from previous page) Meeker Elementary School, Greeley, CO. "On a more personal level, from the first soft notes on your Native American flute, you had my students in the palm of your hand. I appreciated your calm and calming demeanor. The children loved the artifacts that brought your trilogy to life. We continue to talk about the importance of research in the writing of fiction. I hope to see you again soon, so that another class of children can benefit from your wisdom and enthusiasm for writing. You are also an inspiration to me--as a teacher and a writer. Thank you for the wonderful experience. We hope you had a pleasant visit to our school and area."  --Vicki Heisler, Teacher The following article first appeared on November 20, 2005 in the Forum section of the Greeley Tribune A-13; by Vicki Heisler, 5th Grade Teacher at Meeker Elementary School, Greeley, CO. "We have crammed 72 fifth-graders and six adults into my small classroom. We sit shoulder to shoulder on the carpeted floor, knees against the back of the person in front of us. And yet, the discomforts and confinements vanish as soon as soft strains of the flute are heard. The white- haired lady who stands before us plays a few more notes and quietly begins to speak. We feel as if we know her, though most of us have never laid eyes on her before. We have studied her Website and read her books. We have drafted questions for her, and made drawings and mementos for her. Somehow, through an alchemy of paper and ink, she is our friend before we meet her. She is Mary Peace Finley, author of a “Southwest Trilogy” that Colorado children cherish because it tells the story of our state so effectively. Her books have been nominated several times for the Blue Spruce Award for children’s literature, and with the third book of her series, “Meadow Lark,” she has become the recipient of the Colorado Book Award. She is an accomplished author. (continued on next page).
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