Mary Peace Finley Award-winning author of books for young people
© Mary Peace Finley 2012
Are any of your friends or family in your  books? A few of my characters have traits that I’ve seen in a few friends, but none of my characters are like any one person in real life. My characters are mostly creations of my imagination. Where do you get all of your props? I found the rocks, took the photographs of petroglyphs and artifacts, made some props like the bamboo flute and the leather flute cases. Several artifacts came from the trade room at Bent’s Old Fort. Some came from trading posts and book stores. Some were gifts from friends.. What do you do in your spare time? Explore, hike, travel, snorkel in the ocean to explore an underwater world I’d never seen as a kid. I go to movies, attend live theater, read, get together with friends, discuss books and plays, camp in my little RV, fish, swim, eat out, get together with friends and family, go to concerts. I like to have fun! In fact, if I didn’t have so much fun, my books might get finished more quickly. Sometimes I play during “work time” instead of spare time. You know, kind of like messing around instead of doing your homework?.
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